OpenDOF is an IOT Framework

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The OpenDOF Project is an organization dedicated to the promotion of device networking technology for IoT–an IOT Framework.

The acronym ​DOF (Distributed Object Framework) refers to a technology that allows many different products, using many different standards, to work together and share information effortlessly across many different networks (e.g., LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet—any type of network or mesh). At its core, DOF technology was designed to network embedded devices, whether simple or complex. However, to support advanced networking functions for those devices, DOF technology has also evolved into a server technology, appropriate for services that expand the functionality of networked devices, whether those services reside on your own physical servers, or you are taking advantage of advanced cloud technology, such as Amazon Web Services. Ultimately, DOF technology has the flexibility to enhance all products, from the simplest resource-constrained device to the most powerful of computer networks.

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