DOF Tunnel Protocol

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  • This document contains the protocol specification of the Negotiated Tunnel Protocol. This is an application bridging protocol. This document covers protocol versions 0 and 1.

    The primary audience of this document is people implementing libraries that use DOF protocols. Others that are concerned about how DOF protocols work on a network at a very low level can also benefit from this document.

    Readers should be familiar with technical protocol documentation. This document is similar to an 'RFC' for DOF protocols, and familiarity with the language used in these types of documents is helpful.

    This document is not required reading for those who need to use existing DOF libraries, although system designers may benefit from an understanding of this information. In particular, the information related to security and connections can help system designers to better understand how DOF systems work.

    This document is managed by the Technical Steering Committee of the OpenDOF Project, Inc., referred to as 'ODP-TSC'. The inside cover of this document contains contact information for the Technical Steering Committee.