OpenDOF is a free open-source peer-to-peer IoT framework originally developed by Panasonic R&D with more than 200 man years of effort and deployed worldwide in control systems and monitoring applications. Security is integrated from the ground up including authentication, encryption and authorization to any aspect of the device with centralized security management. OpenDOF runs on everything from very small embedded devices (<64k) to large industrial equipment.


Panasonic supports infinitely scalable, highly available, enterprise IoT cloud deployments through their commercial Cloud Service Toolkit ( that runs on any cloud provider or on-premise datacenters, enabling data collection and analytics for business intelligence.

The Vision of the Internet of Things

What is OpenDOF?

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The 5 Principles

The five principles are the foundation of creating with DOF technology. Using these principals during design, development and deployment help to ensure a robust product that functions predictably now and in the future.

The OpenDOF Project promotes security throughout the system, from the protocol level up. These security measures include encryption, authentication, security key management and distribution, and access control.

Products, services, and applications using DOF technology can interconnect among product lines and divisions. Since compatibility between older and newer products is critical, developers are encouraged to leverage existing standards for DOF applications, which will also help to create new industry standards.

As new requirements prompt changes to both existing products and new product designs, modularity and configurability are becoming more and more important. After all, upgrades to existing products should not force customers to replace entire systems. Using DOF technology provides the flexibility needed to meet these new requirements.

The scalability of  DOF implementations allows developers to create applications that can operate on anything from small embedded devices with limited capacity to large peer-to-peer systems.

Reliability is critical to the successful implementation of any project related to the Internet of Things; consequently, reliability is a key aspect of DOF technology. If a simple upgrade breaks a product or disrupts a product’s lifecycle, then customers will stop using that product in favor of a more robust and redundant alternative. This is why continuous operation coupled with the the ability to provide simple repairs and easy upgrades with minimal downtime is part of the OpenDOF Project strategy.

DOF Technology has many features making it ideal for use in your projects and products. Security (we’re serious about that one), an Object Model providing easy and flexible implementation–even for legacy devices, libraries created in CJava, and C#.

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