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OpenDOF Videos Available

The OpenDOF project today released two videos that help explain the potential of the Internet of Things and describe the project itself. Both videos are available on YouTube on the new OpenDOF Project Channel, and available on our home...

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sdk-opendof-c-7-1.1 Release Announcement

The OpenDOF Project is pleased to announce the release of an updated C SDK for OpenDOF 7. The SDK is an important component for training and development of C applications using DOF Technology.

This component is a package of OpenDOF libraries, tools and support components for the C programming language.
The SDK is available on our Download page.

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The OpenDOF Java Training Path

The OpenDOF Project is pleased to announce the completion of the Java Training Path; a complete, online, self-guided training solution. SDKs have been updated, materials created, components tested. But what about C, C Sharp and COS (the OpenDOF C Object Stack)?

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Announcement for Multiple Releases

The OpenDOF Project is pleased to announce the release of multiple components. You will find them in the Downloads section of this web site. More information about these components is coming soon. These are largely training components, so get ready for some exciting news regarding the possibilities of self-guided training on the OpenDOF web site!

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Training Introduction-An Overview of DOF Technology

We’ve found, over the years, that a brief look at the “destination” (what you will be able to accomplish) makes all of the difference. Whether you’re familiar with some of the concepts of DOF Technology or just starting, clicking on the image below will help! This presentation will give you an overview of the various components used in our Operations, Connectivity and Security training. It is high level, so you do not need to be a programmer to appreciate what is offered!

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Understanding the DOF Object Model

The DOF Object Model was created to simplify the implementation and programming tasks associated with the OpenDOF Project and its Object Access Libraries (OALs). The DOF Object Model describes and defines the technological foundation of the OpenDOF Project. It shows how DOF Objects, DOF Interfaces, and other related elements work together to create scalable and reliable network services based on a system of providers and requestors in peer-to-peer relationships.

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OpenDOF Build Process

The OpenDOF build process is based on using Apache Ant (v1.9.1 or later) as a cross-platform build tool, and Apache Ivy (v2.3.0 or later) as a generic dependency resolution tool. Each module’s build defines the following targets:

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OpenDOF Ivy Repository

The OpenDOF Project hosts an Ivy repository of all of our official releases (for all languages). We also provide access to pre-release and testing versions via a “preview” repository. To configure Ivy to use these repositories, simply include in your local ivysettings.xml file. Released versions (from the official release repository) will take precedence over any preview versions. However, if you specifically request a module or version that has not yet been released, Ivy will continue on to check for it in the preview repository.

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