OpenDOF Eclipse Training Plugin for Java

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  • The OpenDOF Eclipse Plugin for Java is an Eclipse plugin utilizing Eclipse "Help" and "Cheatsheets". It contains self-guided, code and document assisted steps for Operations, Connectivity, and basic Security training in a standard IDE.

    Eclipse MARS or greater is required!

    Download the training-help-opendof-eclipse-plugin file, extract the plugin (*) from the buildRepo -> plugins folder and copy it into the main Eclipse plugin folder and start the program in a standard Workspace.

    • Click Help - Cheat Sheets...
    • Select the OpenDOF content in the following order and follow the instructions in the Cheat Sheet:
      1. OpenDOF Operations Training -> Module 1, etc
      2. OpenDOF Connectivity Training -> Module 1, etc
      3. OpenDOF Security Training -> Module 1, etc

    This training will give you step-by-step instructions, allowing you to make changes to the code and access Help documentation (click the "?" icon in the upper right corner of each section) and API documentation as you go.