Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the OpenDOF Project and the technology behind it? Wondering where you can get training or additional materials? The answers to these questions along with many more are available here.

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What is the OpenDOF Project?
The OpenDOF Project is a secure, flexible, and interoperable open source software framework for the development of scalable and reliable network services based on connected objects. While the OpenDOF Project enables Internet of Things (IoT) services, its flexibility means that it isn’t dependent on Internet networks. What’s more, it can work with a wide variety of networking technologies, including legacy systems already in place. Because of this, the OpenDOF Project can provide value not only for green field deployments, but also for any existing devices that can be enhanced by adding connectivity features.
What is meant by ''DOF''?
“DOF” is an acronym that defines the underlying technology supported by the OpenDOF Project. “Distributed” refers to the way objects and aspects of an object are distributed on a network. “Object” refers to the DOF Object Model, which ensures greater security and flexibility. And “Framework” refers to the fact that this is a complete solution that can be integrated into your application. To put it another way, DOF technology allows many different products, using many different standards, to more easily share information across many different networks. So whether you are networking a simple or complex system of embedded devices using local servers or taking advantage of advanced cloud technology, the OpenDOF Project can provide the solutions you need to enhance nearly any product, from the simplest resource-constrained devices to the most powerful computer networks.
Do you offer any Software Developer Kits (SDKs)?
The Technical Services team has created the first in a series of SDKs that are designed to provide everything you need to develop DOF applications, including documentation, software tools, training materials, and OpenDOF libraries for C and C# programming languages.
How do I use the SDKs?

If you have downloaded (or need to download) our SDKs, you may wonder what is needed to begin using them. Basic instructions for our SDKs are available on these pages:

Where can I find source code?

Source code is available at

Where can I log an issue?

You can log an issue by going to