OpenDOF “Suitcase” Demo Application Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the mobile application “OpenDOF Suitcase Demo,” from OpenDOF Project, Inc. This application is used to simulate a suitcase or travel bag as part of a demonstration of OpenDOF functionality. This policy applies without regard to the type of device or platform used to run the application.

Type of Data Collected

The following data is collected from the device and used by the application:

  • Location information based on the device’s native GPS system
  • OpenDOF credentials scanned by the device’s camera and native QR code reader
  • Connectivity information, including the device ID and Wi-Fi data

Data Collection and Use

Location Services. GPS information is obtained using the tracking features native to your device. This information is used during the demonstration to show the location of the virtual suitcase (your device).

Camera. Your device’s camera and native QR code reader are used to obtain the credentials that are needed to make your “virtual suitcase” part of the demonstration.

Connectivity. Wi-Fi connection information is used during the demonstration to verify that the app is connected and working properly. The device ID is used to create a unique identifier for the virtual suitcase.

Network Access. The app requires full network access from the device. Data exchanged between the device and server are limited to information pertaining to the simulated suitcase that is created by the app; this includes information such as the virtual weight of the suitcase, the force of any simulated impacts sustained by the suitcase, its location, and its locked or unlocked status. As part of the demonstration, the user will enter credentials to connect to the cloud server/endpoint running the demo. Data will only be exchanged after the device has been successfully connected to the cloud server.

Note: The app will prevent the device from turning off its display (sleep mode) while in use.

Information Sharing

Information collected for the purpose of the demonstration is discarded after the demonstration is over. No personal data is stored.


The OpenDOF Project is committed to the privacy concerns of our users, supporters, and contributors. As such we are constantly looking to improve our outreach, support, and transparency of all our technology. If you would like a copy of this privacy policy, you can download it here.