Introducing the DOF Router on AWS

The DOF Router on AWS is an installation for creating an AWS AMI that allows DOF routing. An instance creates a domain using the instance-id as a domain id. The instance maintains an Authentication Server (AS) storage, runs a DOFAuthenticator, and runs a DOFServer for the instance’s domain. This is suitable only for development and testing purposes!

What is a DOF Router and why would I need one?

If you are a developer and you would like to create an application using DOF Technology with Cloud connectivity, then the DOF Router on AWS is exactly what you need.

We provide a simple, low-cost, Amazon Web Services (AWS) AMI that is preconfigured with everything needed to begin using DOF Technology out-of-the-box. The DOF Router gives your application a connection to the cloud and a persistent and manageable AS storage.

OpenDOF Project
1 - Create or Log Into your AWS account

First, you will need an AWS account. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can create on here:

If you already have an AWS account, sign in.

2 - Search for the OpenDOF IoT Router in the AWS Marketplace

We have placed our AMI in the AWS Marketplace for you to use. There is a small fee attached, but it is minimal and only covers the costs of running the instance and related services.

Search the Marketplace for “OpenDOF IoT Router“, choose the appropriate size and proceed through the launch process.

3 - Log into your DOF Router

From your AWS console you will be provided with the URL of your new instance and the InstanceID; you are going to need these! After your instance has fully launched (it can take a few minutes), cut and paste the URL into a new browser window and go to the landing page for your DOF Router.

Here, you will see some basic information and a login dialog box. Your User Name and Password are your InstanceID. Type this information into the appropriate fields and log in.

Upon successful login, you will be presented a new page with more options.

  • The instructions on this page will teach you some basic methods for interacting with the DOF Router. Some include the use of the DOF Console application. The DOF Console is a user interface tool that can interact with a DOF network. This tool allows users to create their own servers, connections, requestors and providers, connect to interfaces and manipulate those connections for testing and training purposes. This program is currently available for Windows OS only.
  • Basic instructions for the DOF Console are included with the download, on the DOF Router “home” page and here.
  • You are also encouraged to download our Suitcase Demonstration Mobile Application (iOS and Android). Instructions for the App can be found here. We have included QR Codes linking the mobile app and information needed to use it, making it easier to get started on your device.

Next Steps

More applications to help you learn and take advantage of this tool!