We know, there’s a lot of information on this site and you may want to know some shortcuts.

Never fear, we have you covered.

Business Users

If you want to know what the OpenDOF Project is and learn more from a business perspective, please visit our Project page. Also be sure to look at the navigation in the Footer Menu for more business information.

You will also find our introduction to DOF Technology very helpful! What Is A Distributed Object Framework?

Queries about the project itself can be directed to admin@member.opendof.org.

Technology Users

Many of our users are interested in DOF Technology and want to start using it, but we realize you may have some questions or may be looking for a bit of documentation. Below is a quick suggestion on where to find the information you’ll need and then where you can find the downloads and source code (these links will open in new windows).

  • Support – An introduction to some of the technical concepts found in DOF Technology
  • Downloads – Go straight to the SDKs, Documents and Specifications
  • Documentation – Online accessible API language specific documentation, Specifications, and OpenDOF Documents
  • Source (https://source.opendof.org – account may be required for some actions)
  • To log an issue, you will need to create an account at: https://issue.opendof.org
  • Use our Forums to discuss DOF Technology (account required to participate).
  • Our Blog offers many valuable insights into the use of DOF Technology also, please comment if you have questions! (Yes, you will need to log in.)
  • And, lastly, we do have an FAQ section that answers some of the common questions. (No account required!)

Contributing to the Project

We welcome new contributors. Whether you want to fix a bug or propose new functionality, we want to help you become part of this exciting technology. This can be done as an individual or as part of a company.

Here are the steps required to get going:

  1. Become familiar with the project structure and code. You can browse the source repositories at https://source.opendof.org.
  2. Sign up on our issue tracker at https://issue.opendof.org. If you are going to contribute as a part of a company use your company email to register, otherwise use your personal email or social media login.
  3. Complete and submit a contribution agreement. This can either be done by a company or by an individual. Send it to tsc@member.opendof.org. Once approved you will receive an email invitation to our member site at https://member.opendof.org. You will need to agree to and submit a Developer’s Certificate of Origin (Schedule C of the contribution agreement).
  4. Become familiar with the OpenDOF Development Process.
  5. Decide which projects you would like to contribute to. The project list and the working group structure is available on the member site (requires registration).
  6. Communicate with the appropriate working group chair to start getting assigned issues and contributing.
  7. Contribute!

We appreciate the dedication of our community and look forward to your participation. Any questions can be sent to contributions@opendof.org.


Companies that are interested in taking a more active role in the OpenDOF Project are encouraged to apply for membership. Membership gives you access to the entire project (including early release access) and the ability to contribute to the project’s future direction.

For more information contact us: admin@member.opendof.org.