Version 7.1.6 of the C Object Access Library (core-c-dof-oal) has been released.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • [COAL-106]( Timer may not work after PCRTime_GetMS overflows
  • [COAL-107]( Timer may not call callback for all items when PCRTime_GetMS rolls over
  • [COAL-108]( A timer item may get inserted incorrectly after PCRTime_GetMS rolls over
  • [COAL-110]( Inserting a long timer item right after PCRTime_GetMS rolls over may not work correctly
  • [COAL-111]( DOFOperation_GetTimeRemaining will return 0 if more than 24 days remain
  • [COAL-112]( If PCRTime_GetMS rolls over, a server with a related server may not timeout correctly
  • [COAL-113]( DOF_CreateBridge may not time out correctly if PCRTime_GetMS rolls over
  • [COAL-115]( Cleanup for applications hang in DOF_Shutdown() and never finish or end up with error

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