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The Distributed Services Platform (DSP) is a cloud-based solution that utilizes the resources of Amazon Web Services (AWS). While we offer complete training, documentation, and support for the DSP, we also rely on the documentation AWS provides for its own offerings.

To help you become familiar with AWS, we have created this page to help you find the documentation needed to learn about AWS and its features. Spend some time reviewing the documentation, support, and development sections: they will give you the information you need to use AWS.

To begin, you will either need to create or log in to an existing AWS account at:

Once your account is set up, you can either log in and select HelpDocumentation using the top left drop-down menu or click the link below:

The AWS Documentation page is divided into sections, each referring to a particular function of AWS.

The Support Forums on the AWS Support page are good places to find answers in multiple languages.

If you are unfamiliar with AWS, we recommend you go to the Getting Started with AWS page. Here you’ll find links to various documents and resources that will give you a foundation in AWS.