The OpenDOF IoT Router AMI is now available for download from the AWS marketplace. (Download it here.) The OpenDOF IoT Router is a stand-alone, zero-configuration server that makes it easy to securely connect your IoT application to the cloud and route your OpenDOF traffic.

Note: The OpenDOF IoT Router was designed for development and testing purposes only; it should not be used in a production environment. However, when you are ready to move to a production environment, go to to see how easy it is to switch to the enterprise-grade, fully redundant Cloud Service Toolkit (CST) IoT microservices.

Startup: The security settings are configured automatically when you launch the instance and the necessary credentials are available on a web page hosted by the router.

Try this: Download the c-language “helloworld” application and use it to learn how OpenDOF providers and requestors work with the OpenDOF IoT router.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to add the proper credentials. Open the helloWorldProvider.c file and edit the identity, domain, and key to match the credentials used by the OpenDOF IoT Router. Do the same for the helloWorldRequestor.c file.