The OpenDOF Project hosts an Ivy repository of all of our official releases (for all languages). We also provide access to pre-release and testing versions via a “preview” repository. To configure Ivy to use these repositories, simply include:

in your local ivysettings.xml file. Released versions (from the official release repository) will take precedence over any preview versions. However, if you specifically request a module or version that has not yet been released, Ivy will continue on to check for it in the preview repository.

If you will be developing for or building any OpenDOF modules, it is required that you configure Ivy to use the OpenDOF Ivy repository. This will setup the correct artifact patterns used in Ivy’s caching, as well as prefer locally-generated builds over the publicly available releases. Even if you simply depend on OpenDOF modules in your own build, it is still recommended that you configure Ivy to use the OpenDOF Ivy repository. However, Java developers may choose to use the OpenDOF modules that are also available on Maven’s Central Repository (which will work by default with both Maven and Ivy).

An simple example ivysettings file configured to use the OpenDOF Ivy repository and the default public repository is as follows:

                <include url=""/>
                <include url="${ivy.default.settings.dir}/ivysettings-public.xml"/>
                <settings defaultResolver="public"/>