Version 3.0 of the POSIX Internet Transport (core-c-dof-inet-posix) has been released and is available for download here.

The following changes were made in this release:

  • dof-inet-posix was updated to use the new API that is required for dof-oal version 8.0
  • Support was added for the new GetAddressString function of the transport API

The following functions were removed in this release:

  • InetTransport_GetAddress was removed in this release. DOFAddress_GetAddress can provide this information.
  • InetTransport_GetAddressSize was removed in this release. DOFAddress_GetAddressSize can provide this information.

This release fixes the following issue:

  • [INETPOSIX-8]( Using cmake’s find_package with a static library may have errors when linking
  • [INETPOSIX-10]( Get address type does not return broadcast
  • [INETPOSIX-12]( The socket send function can block

More information can be found on this project at