Attribute Identifier Registry

DOF Object Identifiers (OID) allow attributes to be associated. Each attribute is identified by a registered attribute identifier.

The process for registration involves the following steps:

  1. Check the current registry to see if an applicable identifier already exists.
  2. If not, determine a proposed data format and meaning.
  3. Submit your request to the OpenDOF Technical Committee (OpenDOF TC) at, containing:
    • Your proposed data format
    • A description of how the attribute will be used
  4. If approved, the OpenDOF TC will assign an attribute identifier and provide any other feedback.
  5. Document the new attribute data format, and submit the document to the OpenDOF TC.
  6. The OpenDOF TC will publish the new attribute information.
0ProviderSection 4.1 of DOF OID Formats.
1SessionSection 4.4.1 of DOF Types.
2GroupSection 4.2 of DOF OID Formats.
3Binding ProviderSection 4.3 of DOF OID Formats.
4Related TimeSection 4.4 of DOF OID Formats.
5Created Date/TimeSection 4.5 of DOF OID Formats.

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