OpenDOF Specification Type.21.1 requires registration with the OpenDOF Technical Committee (OpenDOF) of all IID registries before they may be used in product.

The process for registration involves the following steps:

  1. Submit your request to the OpenDOF TC at, containing:
    • Your justification for needing a registry assignment
    • Proposed processes for registry maintenance and assignment
    • Proposed information-sharing methods
  2. If approved, the OpenDOF TC will assign a registry and provide any other feedback.
  3. Document the new processes, and submit the document to OpenDOF TC.
  4. The OpenDOF TC will publish the new registry information.

Current IID Registrations

0DynamicOpenDOF TC (no registration required, dynamic provider only)
1OpenDOF ConsortiumOpenDOF TC
63TestingOpenDOF TC (no registration required, prohibited in product)