OpenDOF Specification Type.4.6 requires registration with the OpenDOF Technical Steering Committee (OpenDOF TSC) of all OID classes before they may be used in a product.

The process for registration involves the following steps:

  1. Check the current registry to see if an applicable class already exists.
  2. If not, determine a proposed data format that ensures global uniqueness.
  3. Submit your request to the OpenDOF TSC at, containing:
    • Whether you want a public or private registration. Public registrations are encouraged, but private registrations are allowed with the payment of a fee.
    • Your proposed data format.
    • A description of how global uniqueness is ensured.
    • Any additional registration required (for example, if another standards body requires registration of some aspect of the data).
  4. If approved, the OpenDOF TSC will assign an OID class and provide any other feedback.
  5. The OpenDOF TSC will publish the new class information, including the contact information and reference information for public registrations.

Current OID Class Registrations

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