Permission Type Registry

DOF Permission Types allow for extendable methods of identifying permissions.

The process for registration involves the following steps:

  1. Submit your request to the OpenDOF Technical Committee (OpenDOF TC) at, containing:
    • A justification for the new permission type
    • A detailed design—the design should be done together with an OpenDOF TC working group
  2. If approved, the OpenDOF TC will assign a Permission Type and provide any other feedback.
  3. OpenDOF TC will publish the new Permission Type.

Current Permission Type Registrations

1Binding with WildcardsObject Access Protocol (V1).
3IAMOpenDOF Presentation Protocol (V2).
5ACTASOpenDOF Presentation Protocol (V2).
7Binding without WildcardsObject Access Protocol (V1).
128RequestorObject Access Protocol (V1).
130ProviderObject Access Protocol (V1).
131DefineObject Access Protocol (V1).
133Tunnel DomainOpenDOF Presentation Protocol (V2).
0x7000 – 0x7FFFReservedReserved for management application use.

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