Type Identifier Registry

Type identifiers uniquely identify data types in the DOF Object Model. The format of a type definition is found in the DOF Object Model Types. DOF Specification Type.23 requires registration with the OpenDOF Technical Committee of all type identifiers before they may be used in a product.


Current Type Identifier Registrations

0x00 (0)Unsigned 8-bit integer.DOF Common Types.
0x02 (2)Unsigned 16-bit integer.
0x04 (4)Unsigned 32-bit integer.
0x06 (6)Unsigned 64-bit integer.
0x08–0x0FReserved for future unsigned integer types.
0x10 (16)Signed 8-bit integer.
0x12 (18)Signed 16-bit integer.
0x14 (20)Signed 32-bit integer.
0x16 (22)Signed 64-bit integer.
0x18–0x1FReserved for future signed integer types.
0x20 (32)32-bit floating point.
0x22 (34)64-bit floating point.
0x24–0x2FReserved for future floating point types.
0x31 (49)String.
0x40 (64)Date/time.
0x42 (66)Boolean.
0x44 (68)Interface identifier (IID).
0x46 (70)Object identifier (OID).
0x48 (72)Universally unique identifier (UUID).
0x49 (73)Blob.
0x4D (77)Array.
0x51 (81)Reference type.
0x53 (83)Nullable type.
0x7801 (30721)Structure.

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