Trademark Policy and Usage Guidelines

The OpenDOF Project has applied for several trademarks including:

  • OpenDOF
  • The OpenDOF logo
  • The OpenDOF logo combined with the OpenDOF term

Maintaining trademarks is import to the project. The project encourages members and participants to share information and references and that includes appropriately using the project’s trademarks.

Appropriate use of trademarks requires adherence to industry and legal standards. See Wikipedia for a good summary of trademarks and their use.

The following summary can serve as general guidelines:

  • Trademarks are always adjectives, never nouns. They are never possessive or plural.
  • Trademarks are always used as they are defined and not modified in any way.
  • Trademarks are not to be augmented or used as part of another mark.

In addition to these general guidelines, the OpenDOF Project requires adherence to the following in order to use any trademarks owned the project:

  • Follow all guidelines required to preserve the trademark and not to dilute it.
  • Use the trademark to promote the project in a truthful manner.
  • When used with your own trademarks, do not emphasize OpenDOF trademarks over your own.
  • Do not imply certification of your own technology or implementation unless approved by the OpenDOF Project.
  • Do not claim or imply ownership in any of the OpenDOF trademarks.

You may use the OpenDOF trademarks in presentations and other non-commercial promotional materials that are given away without compensation. Without approval you must not imply endorsement by the OpenDOF Project.

If you have any questions or comments on these guidelines and requirements please contact us at

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