The Panasonic Distributed Testing Framework

The Panasonic Distributed Testing Framework enables automated testing across multiple software versions and network topologies.

Testing functionality and interoperability between many versions of software components can be daunting. Since the number of tests grows exponentially with each version, the challenge of creating adequate test plans may even discourage modularized software development. The Panasonic Distributed Testing Framework helps solve this problem by automating the task of generating and executing tests in a scalable way.

The Interface Repository Project

The Interface Repository

Interoperability, which is critical to the success of the Internet of Things, is best accomplished through shared or “open” structures and definitions, particularly those describing the features and functionality of devices. For example, being able to consistently define what devices “are” and what they can “do” is a foundation for defining who or what is able to control them or access their data. Furthermore, an agreed-upon definition of a device’s capabilities makes mapping these definitions to different protocols more straightforward.

LinuxCon Japan 2015

LinuxCon Japan is the premier Linux conference in Asia that brings together a unique blend of core developers, administrators, users, community managers and industry experts – and OpenDOF will be present, and proudly representing DOF Technology.

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