Some useful API tips

The API uses a number of common conventions in naming:

  • Anything called a “listener” is an interface that can be implemented to listen for specific types of operations and perform callback functionality. Requestor listener interfaces are usually called “operation listener,” so if the name of the interface doesn’t include the word “operation,” it usually is provider functionality.
  • Very few objects can be directly instantiated in the DOF OALs using constructors. Most objects are instantiated by a “create” method call in another class. For example, DOFObject is instantiated through a “create” method call in the DOFSystem class.
  • Some objects have configurable parameters. These objects have a nested immutable class called Config, which in turn has a nested class called Builder. To construct these objects, you configure parameters using methods of the Builder class, then use the Builder class’s build method to create an instance of the Config class, and finally, pass the instance of the Config to the create method that instantiated the object.
  • Any method call that starts with the word “begin” is asynchronous.