Training: The First Path of Many

The OpenDOF Project is pleased to announce the completion of the Java Training Path; a complete, online, self-guided training  solution. SDKs have been updated, materials created, components tested. But what about C, C Sharp and COS (the OpenDOF C Object Stack)?

They are not forgotten and we’re hoping to add them before too long. There are a few design considerations that each programming language forces us to consider, but C and C Sharp should follow similar structures. COS will require a different approach, but we are confident the steps we are taking will yield a solid result.

In the meantime, we would like to hear any feedback you have about the materials we have created, whether or not you are a Java developer (many of the steps in the path are not language dependent). Please leave comments with your likes and dislikes, suggestions and questions.

Thank you!

The OpenDOF Java Training Path