The OpenDOF Permissions Matrix is a simple, interactive demonstration created to let you see how basic permissions work with DOF Technology.

The Matrix displays Operations and their corresponding binding: Get (Read), Set (Write)Invoke (eXecute) and Session (Session). By clicking on one of the four Operations buttons, you will see the binding displayed across a Requestor (R), Proxy (X) and Provider (P).
Along the bottom row, bindings are displayed for each object, in proper order (left to right).

Note: Use the Clear Stage button to remove all of your bindings.


Instructions: ​To simulate an operation, select any combination of the gray buttons in the right column. Permissions will display across the colored columns in the matrix. Bindings will display in the bottom row.

To clear the matrix, select the Clear Stage button.


As you use this program you will notice that a proxy always displays dual bindings.

  • A proxy will always provide and that binding will be displayed first. (Remember: bindings are read from left to right.)
  • A proxy will also display the same binding as its requestor and that binding will be listed second.


Providers simply provide, that is their binding, so it does not change in this program.