DOF Technology–An Introduction and Overview

We’ve found, over the years, that a brief look at the “destination” (what you will be able to accomplish) makes all of the difference. Whether you’re familiar with some of the concepts of DOF Technology or just starting, clicking on the image below will help! This presentation will give you an overview of the various components used in our Operations, Connectivity and (conceptually) Security training. It is high level, so you do not need to be a programmer to appreciate what is offered!

In any training, we often use illustrations or images to help you understand abstract concepts. The illustrations you’ll see here were created to help you understand how the DOF world works conceptually—the images are not “to scale” so to speak. It’s a little like visually representing the solar system. If you wanted to project a picture of the solar system on the wall and have the size of the planets and their orbits all in the correct proportions, the overall image would be far too large to fit on the wall and the planets way too small to see. Scale is ignored so you can understand the basic concept of the solar system, which is eight (maybe nine) planets revolving around the sun. In a like manner, the illustrations in the training are conceptual. So don’t confuse the visual representation of a concept with a physical or literal description of DOF technology. Now let’s begin.

You will learn:

  • Basic concepts of DOF Operations and Connectivity
  • How DOF Technology communicates between domains
  • How DOF Technology does not rely on a fixed topology
  • How a proxy is used
  • How peer-to-peer relationships are formed
  • Where to go next to continue learning about DOF Technology

Click the image (Links to: ) to begin, or view the presentation below.

What is DOF Technology?