DOF Technology uses Synchronous and Asynchronous Operations, but we’ve found there’s a bit of confusion about what the differences are between these two types of operations and their sequences. On this page we’ll describe a Synchronous Operation.

Something to remember about both Synchronous and Asynchronous Operations:

  • The set of methods the OAL provides for use in interface operations
    • The requestor initiates the operation
    • The provider always executes the operation and responds

Synchronous Operations are:

  • Calling Operations
  • Blocking
  • First In/First Out
  • Messages are sent and received using the same connection
  • Only one response is received

A synchronous operation requires two methods:

  • The requestor uses a DOFObject class method call to initiate the operation.
  • The provider uses its corresponding DOFObject.Provider method to respond to the operation.

Please refer to the Glossary for more definitions and terms.

synchronous get operation
Synchronous Operation