Post on OpenDOF and Panasonic Cloud Service Toolkit

Introducing the Cloud Service Toolkit

Panasonic today announced the release of a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) toolkit, continuing the release of technology that began last March. This toolkit contains modular services that can be used to build highly scalable cloud-centric applications and is available either royalty-free for approved open-source projects or through licensing for commercial products. The CST…

The Interface Repository Project

The Interface Repository

Interoperability, which is critical to the success of the Internet of Things, is best accomplished through shared or “open” structures and definitions, particularly those describing the features and functionality of devices. For example, being able to consistently define what devices “are” and what they can “do” is a foundation for defining who or what is able to control them or access their data. Furthermore, an agreed-upon definition of a device’s capabilities makes mapping these definitions to different protocols more straightforward.

OpenDOF Libraries for C Released

Today Panasonic contributed an implementation of the OpenDOF protocols in C. This implementation is fully compatible with the previously released Java libraries, and allows interconnected systems that use any mixture of the two libraries. Panasonic will continue to contribute code over the next months.